Map of Indiana Wells Link on Hydrology, then Hydrogeology, then click on water wells, then zoom in on area of interest. In order to get information about the green well point, you must click on "i" first.

Water Cycle Games For Kids

Groundwater basics, terminology, and images from Purdue.

Saint Joseph County WHPA Information. It would be interesting to have someone from the Health Department come and speak about the WHP inspection process.

Overview of considerations when using test strips for medical purposes. We may want to create a slideshow similar to this before sending teachers to do their sampling.

Groundwater Basics from fact from this source: Christiana Creek in Elkhart was rerouted to help recharge the groundwater used by the City of Elkhart.

Map of Groundwater Availability in Indiana.

Michigan Groundwater Maps.

Map of Groundwater Availability in Michigan.

Map of Water Drawdown in Michigan due to well capacity pumps.

Water Cycle Flash animation. From this shows the water cycle in an interactive form.

Saving Water Kids Games. Interactive games related to water consumption.

Test Strip Science

Some interesting patents related to test strips.

Early Test Strip Patent for Phosphorus.

Test Strip Patent for available chlorine used in pool testing.